'Batman 3' To Be Filmed In IMAX? 'Dark Knight' Cinematographer Wants Large-Scale Format

The Dark KnightFROM MTV MOVIES: Early on in the "Inception" preproduction process, director Christopher Nolan and director of photography Wally Pfister had a conversation that dragged on for weeks: After shooting a portion of "The Dark Knight" in IMAX, would they also shoot their Leonardo DiCaprio-starring thriller in the large-scale film format?

"Finally I had to tell Chris that the way he was describing the film, so much of it wanted to be with a handheld camera and kind of running around," Pfister told MTV News. "That's just not physically possible with the IMAX camera. We ruled out shooting in IMAX."

Their thinking on how to shoot "Batman 3," however, might turn out to be vastly different. "I can't say until I read the script, but it would certainly be my preferred, amazing goal to shoot the whole movie in IMAX," Pfister said.

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