Ryan Reynolds As Green Lantern: Our Knee-Jerk Reactions To The First Official Photo

Green LanternRyan Reynolds has made his first official debut as Hal Jordan, better known the world over as the spacefaring superhero Green Lantern! The actor's debut as the DC Comics icon was long anticipated by fans, and now it's time to decide — was the reveal worth the wait?

Obviously, there are some elements that we simply can't judge from this first picture, such as how the costume is going to look in motion and on the big screen. But that doesn't mean we can't shoot from the hip a little bit with some knee-jerk reactions.

Read on for some of the scattered thoughts we have on the first look at Ryan Reynolds in costume.


Well, first and foremost, there's that big honkin' lantern logo in the middle of Reynolds' chest — and how could that be a bad thing? Concerns that the icon wouldn't translate well to film are pretty much dashed, at least in my mind. As far as a centerpiece goes, the suit's working just fine.


When it was first revealed that Reynolds would wear a motion-capture suit for "Green Lantern," many were concerned about how much the Lantern suit would diverge from the comic book look. Well, it's diverged, alright. There's little green-to-black ratio to be found, instead focusing on varying shades of green all over.


The ridged look of the suit is different as well, providing more of an alien aesthetic than the cloth material of the classic suit — or, as one Splash Page commenter opined, "he appears to be wearing a big, green ribbed condom." Ouch. Whether you like it or not is clearly a matter of taste, but those holding out hope for a more traditional approach to the Green Lantern costume are almost certainly disappointed by the big screen reveal.


I appreciate the effort being made to give Reynolds the blank-eyed look, but I wish they wouldn't add pupils into the mix. If the character's eyes were purely white, that would be one thing, but the very noticeable pupils aren't doing it for me. It's like putting nipples on the Batsuit, except not that extreme. Nothing is that extreme.


The "Green Lantern" costume is fully rendered with computer-generated graphics. We know this. The question is, now that we're looking at it, how well is it going to hold up on the big screen when it's constantly in motion? Movies like "Avatar" have demonstrated that CGI can hold up quite well under proper care. Will "Green Lantern" fit the "Avatar" mold or will the CGI fall short?


Fans will be divided over the costume's divergences from the classic comic book look — that's simply a matter of personal preference. The big concern that everyone should share, however, is whether or not the costume has durability while in motion. I think the costume is going to look much better in motion than it does in this still photograph, but if the CGI can't keep up with the demands of the character's constant movements, then "Green Lantern" might be in for a bit of trouble.

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