Supergirl Returns To 'Smallville'

Laura VandervoortEarlier this month, the CW Network stated that several former cast members of "Smallville" will come back to the series during its tenth and final season. Towards that end, another returning actress has been revealed.

Laura Vandervoort has agreed to reprise her role as Clark Kent's cousin Kara, according to Entertainment Weekly. Kara — who in the comics is better known as Supergirl — will be back for a single episode that will wrap up her storyline. When last seen during the eighth season of "Smallville," Kara left Earth to find the lost Kryptonian city of Kandor, which could be addressed during her return.

Since leaving "Smallville," Vandervoort has starred in the miniseries "Riverworld" and the revival of the sci-fi series "V" on ABC, in which she plays one of the alien visitors.

Vandervoort joins John Schneider as the second returning cast member of "Smallville." Schneider has previously agreed to reprise his role of Jonathan Kent in the season premiere and an additional episode later in the season.

Perhaps the most anticipated return — and also the one lease likely to happen — would be Michael Rosenbaum reprising his role as Lex Luthor. Despite Rosenbaum's public denial of any plans to come back to "Smallville," series star Tom Welling told MTV News that he wants Rosenbaum to portray Luthor again.

The tenth season of "Smallville" will debut on Friday, September 24.

What are your thoughts on Vandervoort's return to "Smallville"? What other former cast members would you like to see come back to the series? And what will it take to get Rosenbaum to reprise his role as Lex Luthor? Put away your meteor rocks and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!