First Look At 'Jonah Hex' Animated Short From 'Batman: Under The Red Hood'

"Batman: Under The Red Hood" hits shelves later this month on DVD and Blu-Ray, featuring the animated adaptation of a story written by Judd Winick. Like previous DC animated films before it, "Under The Red Hood" will be accompanied by an animated short film based on a lesser-known character's from the publisher's stable — in this case, the scarred Western anti-hero Jonah Hex.

"Punisher" actor Thomas Jane voices Hex in the animated short, which you can get your first, exclusive look at here on Splash Page!

Longtime readers will remember that Jane campaigned for the role of Hex in the live-action film based on the character— a role that eventually went to Josh Brolin. Would Jane have made a better Hex? "DC Showcase: Jonah Hex" could be our best way to find out.

"DC Showcase: Jonah Hex" is directed by Joaquim dos Santos from a screenplay by Joe R. Lansdale. The film is based on an original story by veteran "Jonah Hex" comic creators Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Thomas Jane voices the title character, with Michael Rooker as Red Doc. Linda Hamilton and Michelle Trachtenburg are also reported to provide character voices in the film.

"Batman: Under The Red Hood" hits shelves July 27 on DVD and Blu-Ray. Keep an eye on Splash Page for a full review the week it arrives.

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