BACK-ISSUE BIN: 'X-Men: First Class' Casting, Captain America's Shield, And 'Iron Man 2' Errors

X-Men: First ClassNo huge casting announcements this week, but we did get a heaping handful of "X-Men: First Class" news.

Also filling the week's most popular headlines was a "Ghost Rider 2" update from Nicolas Cage, some "Captain America" movie news, an interesting item on "Iron Man 2," and an exclusive look at the next big "Star Wars" adventure in print. Oh, and we also got the first piece of Comic-Con 2010 info, so expect the Back Issue Bin to start filling up with San Diego-related stories in the coming weeks. The big shows looms large!

Read on for a full breakdown of the week's Top 10 stories here on Splash Page.

10. "Ghost Rider 2" will be the same... but different. So says returning star Nicolas Cage!

9. Is the world ready for these new "Conan" images? I submit that it is not — but you should check 'em out anyway.

8. "X-Men: First Class" named its new Beast and Banshee. Mutant-tastic!

7. Chris Evans revealed some new details about the his "Captain America" movie costume — specifically the iconic shield he'll be slinging.

6. Is the surfer and bikini model Erica Hosseini another "X-Men: First Class" mutant?

5. Is "Iron Man 2" really the most mistake-filled movie of 2010? And does that make it any less awesome?

4. The extended "Star Wars" universe gets a whole new chapter in comics and novel form when "Stars Wars: Knight Errant" arrives on shelves — and we have an exclusive first look!

3. Here's why we like Andrew Garfield playing Spider-Man in the upcoming reboot of the webslinger's film franchise.

2. The first installment of Comic-Con 2010 programming hit the 'Net, offering the full slate of events planned for Wednesday and Thursday in San Diego.

And for the week's top story...

1. M. Night Shyamalan revealed some of the special features he hopes to include on "The Last Airbender" DVD — and what won't make the cut!

Another week in the bag, and just a few more left until the beast that is Comic-Con International awakens from its slumber and wreaks havoc on the comics world. Prepare yourselves!!!

What were some of your favorite stories this week? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter!

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