SECRET IDENTITY: With 'Spider-Man' Spoken For, Who Should Josh Hutcherson Play?

Josh Hutcherson was long mentioned as a front-runner for the lead role of Peter Parker in Sony's "Spider-Man" reboot -- some even pegged him as a virtual lock for the part -- but as we're all no doubt aware by now, Hutcherson won't be spinning webs for Sony. That's a distinction belonging to Andrew Garfield.

But just because the "Spider-Man" ship has sailed for Hutcherson doesn't mean that the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" actor should close the door on the comic book community.

Here are a few other roles we could see Hutcherson taking on!

Wally West

Although "The Flash" is said to focus on the Barry Allen version of the scarlet speedster, who's to say that the younger Wally West won't have a role? Hutcherson could easily play the free-spirited West, starting off as the Kid Flash before ultimately taking over the franchise from Allen several movies down the line. It would be a nice, easy way to establish the Flash's legacy early on -- with a strong young actor, to boot!

Kyle Rayner

Although Ryan Reynolds is currently flying high as Hal Jordan in "Green Lantern," potential sequels could certainly focus on a recruitment drive for the Green Lantern Corps. If a power ring finds itself on young Kyle Rayner's finger, Hutcherson would be an ideal choice to slip on the green-and-black uniform. A naturally charismatic presence, Hutcherson would have little difficulty interacting with Reynolds' Hal, while keeping a low enough profile so as not to steal the show from Reynolds.


One of the best superhero books on the market is Robert Kirkman's "Invincible," a story that expertly intertwines a coming-of-age tale of herosim with massive, blood-soaked action sequences. Whoever plays Mark Grayson -- the teenage half-alien better known as Invincible -- needs to exude optimism while still being capable of great rage. Hutcherson's body of work proves that he's capable of that, and his physical resemblance to Grayson makes him well-suited for the character.

Chase Stein

One of the more complicated teenage characters at the center of "Runaways" is Chase Stein, a guy who isn't so far off from a young version of Sawyer from "Lost." Hutcherson's dark hair doesn't jive with Chase's comic book look, but the young actor has the right attitude and versatility to get into the complex mindset of the gauntlet-wielding teen hero.

Yorick Brown

Whoever winds up playing the lead in "Y: The Last Man" is going to have a heck of a challenge playing the only male role in a film filled with female characters. Luckily for Hutcherson, he's already contented with high caliber female talent in the forms of Annette Benning and Julianne Moore in "The Kids Are All Right." Having worked opposite those fantastic actresses, "Y" would be a walk in the park.

Who would you like to see Hutcherson play in a comic book movie? You tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!

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