TWITTER REPORT: 'Predators' Hopes, LeBron James Hype, And 'Scott Pilgrim' Photos

PredatorsIf you're looking forward to "Predators" hitting theaters this week, you are not alone. Jhohen Vasquez, Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri have been thinking about what they want to see, and Robert Rodriguez's franchise revamp has good buzz as far as they're concerned.

You can't necessarily say the same of LeBron James' much-hyped ESPN event tonight. Most of the posts in the Twitter Report feed that I've seen just want him to decide which NBA team he wants to play on and get the ordeal over with. You'll find one suggestion out of left field after the jump along with Bryan Lee O'Malley's "Scott Pilgrim" memories, Gail Simone on comic book hairstyles and Erik Larsen on comic book realism.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for July 8, 2010.

@radiomaru Looking at Scott Pilgrim on-set photos, planning to blog some soon. Realized i'm looking at July 7, 09 -- a year ago today!

-Bryan Lee O'Malley, Writer/Artist ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," "Lost at Sea")

@edgarwright Should have known something was up when @simonpegg & @nickjfrost walked into my birthday party & urinated on the carpet. Thought it was odd.

-Edgar Wright, Director ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World")

"Predators" pt. 1: @JhonenV So ready for tomorrow's midnight screening of Predators! Hope no Predators show up, though...ruin the movie with all those laser lights.

-Jhonen Vasquez, Writer/Artist ("Johnny the Homicidal Maniac," "Invader Zim")

"Predators" pt. 2: @jpalmiotti What I will be seeing tomorrow afternoon is PREDATORS!!!!!

-Jimmy Palmiotti, Writer ("Jonah Hex," "Painkiller Jane")

"Predators" pt. 3: @FrankTieri @jpalmiotti I'm pumped for it-- one of the few movies I'm looking forward to this summer. Hope it's not crap.

-Frank Tieri, Writer ("Wolverine," "Iron Man")

@GailSimone I think more comic book writers should start as hairdressers. Imagine how much less bitter The Joker would be with a more flattering 'do.

-Gail Simone, Writer ("Birds of Prey," "Wonder Woman")

@GerryDuggan I'll be profoundly disappointed if hooperball star LeBron James doesn't join the Juggalos.

-Gerry Duggan, Writer ("The Infinite Horizon")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@ErikJLarsen Radiation give you diarrhea and makes your hair fall out--people can't fly--capes and cowls restrict movement--superheroes AREN'T realistic

-Erik Larsen, Writer/Artist ("Savage Dragon," "The Amazing Spider-Man")

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