Andrew Garfield's 'Spider-Man' Casting Has Fans Divided!

Andrew GarfieldMost of the time when we ask readers to vote on a hot-button topic in the comics world, it's pretty easy to guess which side of the debate will win out. More often than not, fans have made their feelings known about the issue, and the final tally will reflect a blend of the hardcore fans' position and mainstream audiences' take on the matter.

In the case of Andrew Garfield's "Spider-Man" casting, I'm not sure what to read from the final results.

In one of the more evenly divided polls we've ever run, readers were split three ways on whether Garfield was right for the role. "Undecided" led the poll with 38.4% of the vote, but "Terrible Choice!" and "Great Choice!" each nabbed 34.2% and 27.4% of the vote, respectively. Reader comments were similarly spread across the spectrum.

Phillip: i really wish they could have stuck with the original cast, say what u want about the third movie but i will always see tobey maguire as peter parker so i think im gonna have a hard time liking any replacement. That being said spiderman is by far my favorite superhero and im just gonna be optimmistic that this guy will do him justice

JackKing: Forget that guy. Who's going to play Mary Jane?? And get a HOT actress this time!

@cehaha (via Twitter): i vote garfield the cat

theboogieman631: I like him cuz he's lesser known, but I thought the whole idea was to cast someone young. He's gonna be 30 by the second movie.

@tweedledanii (via Twitter): He IS the right choice!

adamant877: I like the casting choice. I was never a huge fan of the Raimi directed Spidey movies, so a fresh new take is exactly what the doctor ordered! ;-) Sam needs to get back to making more comedies... or were they horror films? (I can never tell the difference with him.)

BFisch: Undecided. I'll see after July 3, 2012.

kelsey227: he's awesome. He won a bafta (the uk equivalent of an oscar). He's a wonderful actor. For those of you saying they should have stuck with the original cast, I agree .... if they were making spiderman 4, but they're not. they're making a spiderman reboot of peter parker in high school/college. He fits the role and is a wonderful actor.

Ron: I suppose he's fine. I just don't quite understand why we need ANOTHER Spider-Man reboot...particularly so soon after the other one.

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