More 'Conan' Images Hit The 'Net

ConanA few weeks ago, we got our first official look at actor Jason Momoa as Conan in director Marcus Nispel's upcoming reboot of the barbarian film franchise. Today, two more images have arrived online featuring Momoa as the famous Robert E. Howard creation.

Scheduled to hit theaters in 2011, "Conan" features an impressive cast that includes Stephen Lang ("Avatar"), Rose McGowan ("Planet Terror"), and Ron Perlman ("Hellboy").

The first new image — a closeup of Momoa, bloody and swinging a sword — popped up on Conan: The Movie Blog, along with a set of photos from the set of the film, showing Conan in action. Another photo, featuring Momoa in mid-air against an ominous sky, debuted on Uroloki earlier today.



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