'Cowboys & Aliens' Go Together 'Like Chocolate & Peanut Butter,' Say Screenwriters

Director Jon Favreau, actors Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and more are already saddle deep in "Cowboys & Aliens," the comic book adaptation that started filming in Santa Fe in June. Blending elements of both the Western and science fiction genres, "Cowboys & Aliens" provides audiences with an unusual and unexpected combination — but a combination that screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman found themselves enthralled with just on hearing the title for the first time.

"I heard the title 'Cowboys & Aliens,' and to me, that was like chocolate and peanut butter," Orci told MTV News during a recent interview, with Kurtzman adding: "Literally, without knowing anything about it, just on hearing the title we thought that sounds like a lot of fun."

Orci and Kurtzman discussed the tone of the movie, saying that the goal is to make sure that "Cowboys & Aliens" embraces both of its genres and finds a healthy middle ground for both of them.

"You're going to think you're watching a western for a half hour. 'Am I watching a western?' And then all of the sudden, in the middle of what could be a great western movie, aliens are going to land," laughed Orci. "And the western is going to go, 'What just happened?' And the aliens are going to go, 'Well, we're going to explain it to you.' They're going to have to work it out. So I think if we do our jobs right, it really will be half western and half sci-fi that meets in the right place, because they have things in common."

"I think the thing for us is to take it seriously," Kurtzman added. "It's not a tongue-in-cheek movie. It's a lot of fun, but it's not yuk-yuk. It's embracing everything we love about the western genre and everything we love about sci-fi and finding a way to mash them together. ... I think the opportunity to find a way to do that credibly doesn't come along very often."

It certainly sounds as if "Cowboys & Aliens" is trucking along quite well, as Kurtzman told us: "We're a little dazed right now, because we've been shooting nights for the last two weeks ... it's unbelievably cool to be on set with Harrison, Daniel, Sam Rockwell and Olivia [Wilde]. It's really, really cool."

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