TWITTER REPORT: Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man, Defending 'Eclipse,' And Mel Gibson's Remarks

Andrew Garfield Spider-ManThe whole Wonder Woman clothing topic has been getting kind of stale this week on Twitter, so it was nice of Sony to offer up a new subject with last night's announcement that Andrew Garfield will be Spider-Man. Skottie Young likes him, Chris Samnee wants to know which artist's vision Garfield best embodies, and Raven Gregory just wants everyone to be quiet from the sounds of it.

Elsewhere, Mark Millar stood up for something he believes in — the work of David Slade — and he thinks "Eclipse" looks dandy. Find out why after the jump, where you'll also see Warren Ellis' wish for the World Cup, Gail Simone's "Toy Story 7" prediction and a question about Mel Gibson.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for July 2, 2010.

@mrmarkmillar I don't care who hears me. #Eclipse looks great and @davidslade rocks. Hard Candy and 30 Days both treasured by this Scot.

-Mark Millar, Writer ("Wanted," "Kick-Ass")

@warrenellis I so want that Japanese referee to be Yakuza. He could lop off players' little fingers instead of giving a yellow card.

-Warren Ellis, Writer ("Planetary," "Transmetropolitan")

Andrew Garfield pt. 1: @skottieyoung I have to say, Andrew Garfield looks exactly like what I think of as Peter Parker. I'm excited to see what he does.

-Skottie Young, Artist ("New X-Men," "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz")

Andrew Garfield pt. 2: @ChrisSamnee Super nerdy question: What artist's interpretation of Peter Parker do you think Andrew Garfield, our new movie Spidey, resembles most?

-Chris Samnee, Artist ("Siege: Embedded," "Area 10")

Andrew Garfield pt. 3: @philhester @ChrisSamnee Romita Sr. Just a bit too good looking. Not as plausibly nerdy as Maguire.

-Phil Hester, Writer/Artist ("Green Arrow," "The Irredeemable Ant-Man")

@Ravengregory Internet: Please, for one minute, stop talking about sucky Peter Parker actor, sucky airbender, and sucky wonderwoman costume. That is all

-Raven Gregory, Writer ("Tales from Wonderland," "The Gift")

@OKBJGM having coffee with one of the writers of farscape...the budong will be a topic of discussion.

-Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Writer ("Annihilation: Super-Skrull," "The Middleman")

@kenby Mel Gibson's freak outs disturb me a lot less than actual journalists repeatedly using the term "baby mama".

-Corey Lewis, Writer/Artist ("Sharknife," "Seedless")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@GailSimone Toy Story 7, Andy's bitter divorce as seen through they eyes of his toys. "Hope he plays with us," says Woody. "Hope he doesn't," says Rex.

-Gail Simone, Writer ("Birds of Prey," "Wonder Woman")

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