SECRET IDENTITY: Recasting The 'Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Stars As Comic Book Characters

For many comic book and genre fans, "The Last Airbender" is the most interesting movie entering the box office arena this weekend. For others, it's "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," which already earned a heaping pile of money on its opening day this past Wednesday.

There's no question that "Eclipse" is going to continue to do solid business at the box office throughout the weekend and likely beyond, but there's only one two-part film left in the "Twilight" franchise past this weekend's threequel — in other words, many of these actors are going to be looking for new franchises.

To help them along, here are a few recommendations for some of the "Eclipse" cast in case they're interested in diving into the comic book and superhero pool!

Robert Pattinson as Shaft in "Youngblood"

"Youngblood" director Brett Ratner already has Robert Pattinson in mind for a role in the comic book film, and I agree that he would be a solid pick for Shaft, the marksman leader of the government-funded superhero squad. Forget the looks and the attitude — the real reason Pattinson is right for the project is his kinship with the characters who are constantly dealing with public scrutiny, something that the "Twilight" star is deeply familiar with. Playing Shaft could yield quite the cathartic performance from the young actor.

Kristen Stewart as Nico Minoru in "Runaways"

Already the star of "The Runaways," Kristen Stewart should shave off the "The" and join the developing Marvel adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's super-teen series. "Runaways" leader Nico Minoru is a wise-beyond-her-years sorceress constantly dealing with the pressures of leadership, something she occasionally has trouble handling due to her own introverted nature. Aside from the character's Japanese-American nationality, Stewart embodies every other trait necessary to cast a spellbinding performance as Nico.

Taylor Lautner as Vulcan in an "X-Men" film

It's a long shot that the secret third Summer brother would ever appear in a live-action film, but with "X-Men: First Class" potentially launching a new youth-oriented franchise, I could easily see Taylor Lautner as Cyclops' estranged and vengeful brother. Lautner's Jacob Black exudes all the angst you see from Vulcan — albeit in a less nefarious, destructive manner -- and as the actor recently said he'd like to diversify his career, I think a villain role in a "First Class" sequel would be an interesting direction for Lautner.

Kellan Lutz as Flash Thompson in "Spider-Man"

With a more youth-oriented "Spider-Man" reboot on the way, there's little doubt that Peter Parker is going to have to contend with high school bully Flash Thompson on a relatively regular basis. For my money, you couldn't cast the part much better than Kellan Lutz, the massive, muscular vampire known to "Twilight" fans as Emmett Cullen. Sure, Lutz could handle a bunch of strong man comic book roles -- but he would be perfect as Flash.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Barbara Gordon

I'm a big fan of Bryce Dallas Howard's work, and while I do think she's a great choice for Dara Brighton in "The Sword" as repeatedly rumored, I also think she would work extremely well as Barbara Gordon in a DC Entertainment film. She has the perfect look and heart for the character and could easily handle Babs as the action-oriented Batgirl or as Oracle, the undisputed queen of the digital scene in Gotham City. Whether it's a role in "Batman 3" -- a stretch given the timeline of Christopher Nolan's current "Batman" continuity — or a "Birds of Prey" movie, Howard gets my vote for Barbara Gordon.

Tell us how you would reassign the "Twilight" cast in the comments and on Twitter!

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