Wonder Woman's New Costume Fails The Fandom Test!

Wonder WomanEasily one of the most hotly debated items to hit the news wire this week, Wonder Woman's new costume has sparked no small amount of controversy among, well... just about everyone. And very little of the reaction has been positive.

Yesterday, I asked you to let me know whether you "love" or "hate" the DC heroine's new costume in reader poll, and the response was — to put it mildly — decisive. In one of the most active polls I've ever posted, more than 65 percent of readers presented with the new costume said they "Hate It!"

Yes, twice as many people hate Wonder Woman's new look than those who love it. Owch!

Even better than the poll turnout was the number of readers who explained their vote in the comment section. Here's a sampling of why some readers voted the way they did:

Corsairsteel: Why has no one else seemed to notice that all this costume is missing are shades and a shaved head to be the 90's Superboy? Leather Jackets over unitards is NOT contemporary.

Tony Stark: I don't mind change (I better not, I'm an Iron Man fan and changes in the armor are the norm) so in theory, fine, go ahead and update it... but you got a make it a good upgrade. This is just bloody ugly. I see little to nothing that relates to her Amazon heritage. Even the bracelets look weak/punk. Update it? Sure - but Wonder Woman is a classy lady and this isn't class but crass. Bad design.

Kennith: I don't know why people are bent out of shape over WW's new look, I think the makeover makes her look more modern.

Matthew: its the jacket that ruins it for me, like suddenly an Amazonian Goddess feels the need to be trendy and hip. Sure her costume was ridiculous, but so is red underpants over blue tights, who cares, its iconic! And because of that Im sure it will go the way of electric blue Superman and Knightfall Batman sooner or later.

Caesar: Awful, just plain awful....Wonder Woman's image was iconic. Now she's only a spray can away from looking like an early 90's graffiti tagger.

Ruth: I can't say that I like the new costume. But my Great Aunt Debbie is the same age as Wonder Woman, and she doesn't show her boobs anymore, either.

senjin16: To me all the criticism is just sour grapes. People like things the way they are, and most of us (and I mean you guys) HATE change no matter what. Seriously, women want everyone to take them seriously and not just look at them as sex symbols, they want to be recognized for their character, talents, abilities and whatnot, right? But Wonder Woman was out there fighting crime in basically bikini bottoms, a bustier, and go-go boots. How did she manage all these years without spilling out if her top! I have enjoyed the modern mythos of comics since I was a kid, and now that I have kids of my own who enjoy comics, it’s kinda hard for me to explain (especially to my daughter) why almost all girl super heroes run around half naked. This new costume is great, and it’ll give my daughter something to aspire to and admire other than a super powered pole dancer.

BFisch: I voted love it, but I'm not in love with it. I like the change, but I agree that they could do better to revamp the costume. Sometimes you can't mess with the classics, but a change is fine every now and again. It's not a great new look, but its a step in an interesting direction.

Melissa: The outfit doesn't say "Super Hero!" The jacket, the leggings make her look too ordinary (and stuck with out of date fashion). My first impression is that the new outfit tries to make her seem less of a Wonder.

Michael: While the look of the character is not bad, this in no way makes me think of any Wonder Woman... For one, what would happen if we took the American look and colors out of Captain America? He wouldn't be Captain America anymore would he? Two, black pants? Really... Really?.. Three, does the new jacket have special powers? Why is it even there?.. Last but not least, all it says to me is certain people are afraid no big name actresses would dress like the traditional version of Wonder Woman in a blockbuster movie adaption or that the movie wouldn't get as wide of an audience due to the very much sexier and provocative previous outfit. At this point it's no secret why they did the new look so boring, non sexy or unremarkable. Seems to me anyone filling the new role would absolutely without a doubt DEMAND the previous look of the character... Way too tame (yawn). If people wanted non sexy female superheroes then "Lifetime Movies" would be blockbusters...

@GT_Chin (via Twitter): Why is it so hard to redesign her?

adamant877: I agree that it's time that she see SOME kind of update on her costume, but this seems like the "two-steps back" approach to me. It's too reminiscent of the 90's, and honestly... why a jacket and a choker? Haven't we seen this enough with every other DC female character? And this is supposed to be "bold and new"?

And there you have it, folks. Have more you want to say about the costume? Well, spill it!

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