M. Night Shyamalan Was 'Skeptical' About 3-D For 'The Last Airbender'

M. Night Shyamalan holds a deep affection for "old school" film, and it's probably no coincidence that his favorite scene in "The Last Airbender" was inspired by "Enter the Dragon." That same fondness for classic movies, however, also contributed to his initial skepticism toward filming "The Last Airbender" in 3-D.

"I was very skeptical," the director told MTV News. "I felt like [3-D] was a gimmick. I didn't have a lot of respect for it."

After some tests and convincing by his collaborators on the project, however, Shyamalan changed his mind, and he credits those he worked with for his newfound perspective.

"I met the right group of people," he explained. "I saw the potential there, and I saw how they were responding to my notes and that they cared about the movie."

In the end, the final product turned out to be exactly what he wanted to see, and he now likes the 3-D version of the movie better than its 2-D counterpart.

"When we finished the process — we did it — we'd spent months and months and months doing it, when we finished it...we finished this, the lights came on and I said, 'I can genuinely say to you I prefer the 3-D version of my movie,' and there were tears in their eyes."

And in the end, that's a surprising plot twist that sounds like it made Shyamalan a lot of new friends.

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