'Crazies' Director Extends 'Flash Gordon' Option, Wants To Adapt 'Blood Of The Innocent' Comic

Flash GordonFollowing the release of "The Crazies" earlier this year, director Breck Eisner's next project could be a remake of John Carpenter's "Escape from New York." However, Eisner recently extended his option for Alex Raymond's classic sci-fi comic strip "Flash Gordon," with an eye towards directing it down the line.

"'Flash Gordon' is a total passion project for me," said Eisner during an interview with Fearnet. "We've just extended the option and the studio's very committed in trying to make it happen."

"It's just a gigantic 3D experience with years of prep," continued Eisner. "It’s one of those movies you get once in a lifetime to make and for me it's been a passion of mine since I was a kid. If I could pick and just control everything I would love to make 'Flash Gordon,' it's really kind of my dream job, but it's multi-year, in terms of writing and designing."

Eisner also spoke out about his desire to adapt "Blood of the Innocent," an independent comic by Mark Wheatley, Rickey Shanklin and Marc Hempel.

"I just love this concept; it's such a cool pitch," exclaimed Eisner. "It's dark and aggressive and intense, but kind of expensive so we'll see if I can get a studio to commit the resources to really take a chance on a movie like this. Mark [Wheatley] gave a bit of the pitch, Jack the Ripper vs. Dracula, but really Jack the Ripper is the hero and he's trying to save the world from Dracula and his vampire brides. It's just a cool, aggressive, awesome pitch and I'd love to make that."

"[Because] of the scale of the movie I'd like to push it to the edge of PG-13 if possible," continued Eisner. "That's a tall order, I'm not sure if that's possible. In pitching it to the studios I'm telling them there's the chance, like 'Dark Knight' was aggressive by avoiding sexuality and language allowing you to push the intensity and violence right to the edge of PG 13. I'm hoping to be able to do that for 'Blood of the Innocent,' although if we're able to scale back the movie a little bit and go a little more gritty or dark then we'll go into R territory for sure."

What are your thoughts on a potential "Flash Gordon" film in 3-D? Who would you like to see star in the film? Should "Blood of the Innocent" be made as a PG 13 or an R-rated film? Let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!