Christopher Nolan Confirms 2012 'Batman 3' Release, Uncertain If Filming Will Begin In March

There's no question that one of most hotly anticipated films for the coming years is the third installment of director Christopher Nolan's "Batman" film franchise.

"The Dark Knight" director has made it clear that the next Batman movie will be his last, and recent reports have indicated that the studio is targeting a July 2012 debut in theaters. So, when MTV News sat down with Nolan to discuss his new film "Inception," we had to find out where things were at these days with "Batman 3."

When asked about the film's reported July 2012 premiere and subsequent assertion by L.A. Times blog Hero Complex that the film would begin filming in March 2011, Nolan said, "Yes and no, I suppose, would be the answer."

"We know we would be aiming for 2012, and that's been talked about, but we're just working on the script really," he expalined. "My brother's been hard at work on it for quite some time, based on a story that myself and David Goyer have written."

However, Nolan added that he's been "buried completely" in the Leonardo DiCaprio-starring "Inception," and won't be certain of his next step until after his duties with the current film are completed.

"In a couple of weeks, I'll surface and figure out what I'm doing next and how to approach it," he said.

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