BACK-ISSUE BIN: A 'Green Hornet' Trailer, 'Jonah Hex' Weaponry, And A 'Batman' Fan Film

Green HornetYes, it's the return of the Back-Issue Bin here on Splash Page, where we count down our top stories from the week and tell you which post was the most popular among readers.

This time around, the first trailer for Michel Gondry's "Green Hornet" made a case for itself as one of the week's biggest news items, while a bunch of "Jonah Hex" interviews packed the top stories. Meanwhile, a fan film featuring everyone's favorite Gothamite brought in Hollywood-sized traffic, and "The Last Airbender" bent the online elements in its favor.

Read on for the week's top stories!

10. My review of the two-part "Doctor Who" adventure "The Hungry Earth" and "Cold Blood" seemed to find some fans out there. That's why we get along so well, folks. You're my kind of people.

9. Edgar Wright told us he's more than just a friend with Joss Whedon. Scandalous!

8. Who's that in the new trailer for "The Last Airbender"? It's Momo!

7. Is this what the Warriors Three will look like in "Thor"?

6. Wondering what Jason Momoa will look like in the new "Conan" movie? Here's a peek.

5. Sure, Seth Rogen might seem like a bizarre superhero casting choice, but so did these guys.

4. "Community" actor Donald Glover explained what he thinks of the whole "Spider-Man" casting debate.

3. The fan film "Batman: City of Scars" had the online world buzzing... and for good reason. Check it out!

2. Apparently, "Jonah Hex" star Josh Brolin got as much of a kick out of the film's horse-mounted gatling gun as we did.

And for this week's top story...

1. The very first "Green Hornet" trailer is revealed!

That's it for this week, everyone!

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