Superman To Walk Across America And Into (Midwest) Fans' Towns

SupermanThe Man of Steel could be coming to a city near you.

Earlier this week, "Superman # 700" kicked off a year long storyline that will feature Superman walking across America to reconnect with its people. As a tie in to that story, DC Comics has announceda contest that gives readers a chance to submit their towns as potential destinations for the Last Son of Krypton.

The winning towns will be depicted in the pages of "Superman" as the storyline unfolds. The only catch is that the only towns eligible are those that are within 50 miles of Superman's planned trip through Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle. Contestants must also submit an essay explaining why Superman should visit their towns, preferably with pictures included.

Over at DC's Source blog, incoming "Superman" writer J. Michael Straczynski explained what led him to conceive the "Grounded" storyline.

"For me, Superman was, is and shall forever be America’s hero," said Straczynski. "Yes, his mandate is to protect the people of the world, he doesn’t take sides, he’s not overtly political… but like jazz and comic books themselves, he is inexorably tied to our culture and way of life. He stands for all the things we like to believe we stand for, especially when standing is the most difficult, when it would be simpler and easier to turn away."

"While there is always a place for vast, sprawling, interstellar stories about distant worlds and other civilizations, the farther Superman travels from America, from Earth, from us, the more he begins to lose focus," continued Straczynski. "In issue 700, he is reminded — starkly and plainly — that his long absence from Earth has caused pain and distress, that he has not been here when we needed him, because he was out there somewhere."

"When Siegel and Shuster first created Superman, he was the ally of those who had no allies, no recourse, no chance and no hope," added Straczynski. "He was the avenger of the average guy, and it is our intention in 'Grounded' to re-engage with Superman on that level and return him to his roots."

"Superman # 700" is currently in comic stores across the nation. Straczynski's official run with artist Eddy Barrows will begin in "Superman # 701."

What do you think about the new direction for Superman? Should the Man of Steel visit the South or Northeast as well? Will you be submitting your town into the contest? Tell us where you think Superman should go and share your thoughts in the comment section or on Twitter!