'Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Director David Slade Debunks 'The Shadow' Rumor

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" filmmaker David Slade will not be directing "The Shadow," and online rumors that he'd be behind the camera for a Sam Raimi-produced take on the classic pulp hero were "lies."

That's the word straight from the mouth of the "Eclipse" (and "30 Days of Night") director, during an interview with MTV News.

"Lies," said Slade of the anonymously sourced report that surfaced on Latino Review back in March. "Not true. Total internet rumor."

"[I] don't know anything about it," he added. "I emailed Sam Raimi asking him if he'd send me the script at least, and no, nothing."

Veteran fans of the character, Raimi and his co-producer on the project, Michael Uslan ("The Dark Knight"), have been intent on crafting a new film based on the mysterious hero from the 1930s. While Uslan offered some ambiguous comments on the status of the film back in April, he also hinted that the rumor regarding Slade was sketchy at best.

"Don't necessarily believe everything you read on the Internet," Uslan told MTV News at the time.

And now Slade offered his own official debunking of the rumor — as well as some thoughts about the origins of these anonymously sourced reports.

"It's funny, particularly with something like 'Twilight,' you get all these bizarre rumors that are made up [by] bloggers or whatever," he said. "And I don't know how that one originated, but I can debunk it and say I will not be directing 'The Shadow' and I have no idea where it came from."

As for what will happen with "The Shadow"? Well, like the story goes, at this point only The Shadow knows.

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