Taylor Lautner Says 'Stretch Armstrong' Hero Has 'The Worst Superhero Power'

Last month, "Stretch Armstrong" screenwriter Nick Stoller compared the tone of the upcoming film based on a Hasbro toy to the tone of 2008's "Iron Man." If you're expecting gauntlet lasers and an arc reactor, however, you might want to check out what the film's star, "Twilight" alum Taylor Lautner, had to say about his hero's powers.

"It's like the worst superhero power, possibly, to get," he told MTv News. "How you're going to take that and use it for good and how you're going to be creative with that [is the predicament]."

In the film, Lautner is set to play a secret agent who's exposed to a secret formula that allows him to, well... stretch. It's not exactly a uni-beam, but the actor said he has complete confidence in Stoller's plans for his flexible hero.

"Nick [Stoller is] a genius, so I couldn't be happier with the fact that he's writing the script right now," said Lautner. "I just want to see it."

"The awesome thing with toys is it doesn't give you a story line, so you get to create it," he added. "So the development process for this movie has been awesome and it's going to continue to be. I just can't wait to see a script."

At the moment, there's no set date for production on "Stretch Armstrong" to begin, though the 3-D film is currently scheduled for a 2012 release. "Monsters vs. Aliens" filmmaker Rob Letterman is tagged to direct.

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