EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: 'Archie & Friends' Parodies 'The Jersey Shore' In New Comic!

Archie & FriendsLast week, we told you about the upcoming issue of "Archie & Friends" that parodies MTV's "The Jersey Shore." Well, we've got more for you today from the Riverdale Gang's encounter with a familiar group of tan- and gel-happy residents of the local beach.

Thanks to the good folks at Archie Comics, you can now check out the first five pages of "Archie & friends" #145, which hits shelves July 14. (You can also order it online at ArchieComics.com.) It's written by Dan Parent, and features all of the hijinks that would naturally ensue if Archie and the gang crossed paths with Snackums, The Commotion, J-Pow and the rest of the Archie-fied "Jersey Shore" crew.

Okay, maybe not all the hijinks, but you get the idea...

Click on the cover image below for the full "Archie & Friends" preview.

Archie & Friends - The Jersey Shore

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