Donald Glover Says He Was 'Floored' By 'Spider-Man' Fan Campaign

Donald GloverIt was the question that had the comics world — and the rest of the InterWebs, for that matter — buzzing with debate: Is "Community" actor Donald Glover the right guy to play Peter Parker in the next "Spider-Man" movie?

Originally suggested in the comment section of a post on io9 titled "The last thing Spider-Man should be is another white guy," Glover's aptitude for the role had fans, creators, and just about everyone else taking sides. We reached out to a notable comic book historian for some perspective on the issue, and even received an unexpected call from Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee to get his take on it.

And while Glover has offered the occasional thought and thanks for all the attention on his Twitter feed, MTV News spoke to the actor to get the full story on how he feels about the campaign to make him the next webslinger.

"I was floored — I was really floored," Glover told MTV News. "Who doesn't want to play Spider-Man?"

"[But] the amount of support and people emailing me, calling me, I was just floored by it," he added. "I think it's really cool that people have that much faith in me. ... I'm happy. It did come out of nowhere. I was very flattered."

As for that photoshopped image of Glover in the Spider-Man suit, the actor said it wasn't his own creation, as many believed. In fact, the image was created long before the fan campaign took off.

"I didn't [create] that," he said of the image. "I know the web thinks I did that, but somebody did that last year as a joke. ... When the Spider-Man thing started, I posted it, but somebody else did that a year ago. I wish I did that. I'm somewhat proficient at MS Paint, but somebody else did that."

Glover said the various websites, images, and other art created to push him as a Spidey candidate didn't escape his notice, either — and he went on to list some of his favorites.

"The website where the guys are doing the Spider-Man covers by different comic book artists really floors me," he said. "They're really cool. I'm just amazed that somebody's doing that."

"But the one that had me on the ground rolling, there's one with me as Peter Parker, Aubrey Plaza as Mary Jane and Danny Glover as Uncle Ben. It's poorly done, but it's hilarious to me," he said. "I always thought Morgan Freeman would be better, but people were like, 'You two have the same last name — you have to do it.' It made me laugh a lot. I think that one's my favorite."

Glover also offered some back-story on his own history with comics, including a short-lived stint as a creator.

"I was really into comic books as a kid. I used to make comic books when I was in first grade and sell them for a penny. I got in trouble for it, actually," he laughed. "I was always really into Spider-Man. I love his back-story of feeling responsible for his uncle's death."

However, Glover said it was the feedback the campaign received from Lee and noted comic book creators like "Ultimate Spider-Man" writer Brian Bendis that really knocked him for a loop.

"I was very surprised, but also humbled. It was very cool that they did that, because they didn't have to," he said. "If you had gone back in time and told 8-year-old me that one day Stan Lee would call you a fine actor, I'd probably jump out a window."

"All i can say is that I think it's good that people aren't thinking about that kind of stuff," said the actor when asked about the heated debate regarding race and casting that the campaign has ignited. "I don't think people are trying to make statements or anything like that. I think it's just that actors want to play cool parts. I think that's the heart of acting."

Still, Glover said he's not holding his breath for an audition. He said he'll be in the audience for the "Spider-Man" reboot no matter who plays the lead role.

"I haven't asked or anything like that," he explained. "It's very cool that people want me to do it. I work for Sony, I'm a big fan of Spider-Man, I'm glad that people are talking about the new reboot because I think it's going to be awesome regardless of whether I'm in it or not."

"If the biggest thing that comes out of this is two fake Spider-Man covers with my face on them, that's way more than I could ever ask for," he said.

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