'Ultimate Spider-Man' Animated Series Picks Up A Director

Ultimate Spider-ManBack in April, Marvel announced that a new "Ultimate Spider-Man" animated series — inspired by the comic book series by Brian Michael Bendis — was heading to Disney XD next year. While there is still no word on casting, at least one of the directors has been named.

According to Mania.com, Alex Soto has signed on to direct "Ultimate Spider-Man." Soto has previously directed several episodes of the animated "Teen Titans" as well as "Ben Ten." He has also drawn storyboards for the upcoming "Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness" animated series.

However, the report doesn't state whether Soto will also be a showrunner on the new series, as animation veteran Greg Weisman was for "Spectacular Spider-Man" — an animated series that was apparently one of the early victims of the Disney/Marvel deal.

While the new animated series is expected to be able to drawn upon other Marvel heroes as guest stars like Iron Man, Nova, Nick Fury and Iron Fist, Bendis has previously indicated that he is not a part of this project.

"Don't have much ['Ultimate Spider-Man'] cartoon news. Not involved with it at the moment," said Bendis earlier this year. "But I do know the pitch and it sounds pretty, pretty, pretty cool."

Bendis' "Ultimate Spider-Man" is also rumored to be an inspiration for the new "Spider-Man" film by director Marc Webb. In February, Bendis confirmed that he had met with "the entire Spidey movie team," which only served to fuel that speculation.

The "Ultimate Spider-Man" animated series will debut on Disney XD in Fall 2011.

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