Seth Rogen Discusses 'Green Hornet' Trailer, Plot, And Character's Obscurity

Green HornetIn case you missed it, the first official trailer for director Michel Gondry's "The Green Hornet" has premiered online with all the violence you would hope for from such an action-centric movie, not to mention the comedy we've come to expect from Seth Rogen.

Rogen and Gondry screened the trailer in Hollywood last evening and fielded questions from a group of journalists, including some of the SuperHeroHype crew. Rogen described the story of "Green Hornet" as a tale of friendship between his character, Britt Reid, and Jay Chou's Kato.

"I'm an irresponsible kind of idiot (as one might imagine) and my father dies and I form a friendship with someone else who did not have the highest opinion towards him. One of his employees, Kato," said Rogen. "Through that friendship, we realize that maybe we can create this kind of thing that will help us both live out our dreams. In time, we realize that each other's personalities are the most difficult thing to overcome and try to form this thing."

Rogen also said that the "Green Hornet" movie has absolutely nothing to do with the comic book.

"The Green Hornet comic has nothing to do with our movie. Other than it's called 'The Green Hornet' — unless you love the Green Hornet comics, then it's exactly based on the comic," he joked. "We clearly all got our ideas from the same source. There are some elements that are the same. But I think naturally when you are trying to update something, the ideas are going to go to similar places, but there is no collaboration on behalf of comic and the filmmakers."

The actor also acknowledged that Green Hornet isn't as popular a character as Spider-Man or Superman, something that he and his team are very conscious of.

"I think that thought is exactly what led us to say this is the approach that we need to take," he said. "Like we look at 'Iron Man.' I remember when 'Iron Man' came out. I drove by a billboard with my girlfriend and she said, 'Who's Iron Man?' and they did a good job at taking Iron Man and, believe it or not, he was a relatively unknown Marvel character when that first movie came out. And they did a good job at introducing it. They didn't really tease it. There was no teaser."

"They just kind of showed you exactly what it was and that's something that we talked about," he explained. "That they successfully took a pretty obscure character and made him well known and introduced him to people and that's kind of what we realized we had to do. Not show our version of the Green Hornet, but to say, 'Here's what the f--- the Green Hornet is.'"

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