Marvel To Produce Short Films Featuring Lesser-Known Characters?

Marvel SuperheroesWhile Marvel's upcoming film slate is loaded with the new "Spider-Man" reboot, "X-Men: First Class" as well as Marvel Studios' "Thor," "Captain America" and "The Avengers;" some of Marvel's secondary characters may also get their shot at cinematic stardom.

According to Latino Review, Marvel is rumored to be considering properties like "Doctor Strange," "Black Panther" and "Luke Cage" for 10-minute short films that would introduce the characters to moviegoers without taking the financial risk of a full-length feature.

Although the anonymous rumor is unconfirmed and entirely unofficial at this point, it does seem like a logical step for the company. Various other unconfirmed reports have circulated this year indicating that Marvel Studios was potentially planning smaller budget films based on "Ka-Zar," "Dazzler" and "Power Pack" as well as the previously mentioned "Dr. Strange" and "Luke Cage."

"Luke Cage" in particular, has had a difficult time making it to the big screen, despite the interest of actors like Tyrese Gibson. The long-gestating "Deathlok" film has also been stuck in development and could potentially be a candidate as well.

Other hoped-for Marvel movies like "Iron Fist" and "Taskmaster" may also be better suited as short films, if Marvel Studios goes forward with that plan.

What do you think about the possibility of Marvel making short films based on their secondary characters? Would you rather see a short Marvel film or a feature length Marvel film with a smaller budget? Which characters would you want to see featured? Let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!