'Thor' Costume Details For The Warriors Three Revealed?

The Warriors ThreeWe already know what Thor, Odin and Sif will look like in director Kenneth Branagh's currently shooting adaptation of "Thor," but what about the Warriors Three?

An Ain't It Cool News source dubbed "Industry Killer" claims to have seen the costume designs for Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg. While his knowledge shouldn't be taken as gospel, the source's previous description of Thor's costume turned out to be quite accurate given recent concept sketches and official set photos.

"The costumes are fairly complex and detailed," wrote the commenter. "[They're] a little less traditional to their individual backgrounds than the comic. The motif of [all the Asgardian] suits aren't going for any kind of ACTUAL viking realism but is very skewed into the realm of the comic book world it represents, almost sort of futuristic with an old world Norse flair."

"They are fairly over the top compared to say, the 'realism' of the X-Men wearing leather jumpsuits," continued the comment. "Then again, I guess I'm just a comic book fan like that. [Overall] they are as accurate a representation of the source material as we were ever going to get."

According to Industry Killer, Fandral's costume is very much inspired by Errol Flynn, the iconic actor best known for his various swashbuckler roles.

"A dark greenish blue, if I recall correctly, but it's some kind of blue hue color scheme," reported the comment. "[Like Thor] he also has a cape and long sleeves. His hair is blonde like the comic and he also has the classic swashbuckler facial hair."

Of Hogun, Industry Killer reports that he is "straight up Mongol, a dark blue [color scheme], whose armor has an almost samurai hint to it but there are no hanging cloths or leather like the comic. I didn't see a mongul helmet either as he had pulled back kind of samurai looking hair, nor does he have facial hair."

Finally, the commenter described Ray Stevenson's Volstagg as having a "fake fat suit and long ginger hair and beard, he looks pretty awesome. His suit is a maroonish red and it looks a little more like armor than the other two."

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