Is 'Jonah Hex' Star Josh Brolin Satisfied With The Final Cut Of The Film?

It's no secret that "Jonah Hex" has followed a rough road to the big screen, with changes in directors, much-publicized script revisions, significant tonal shifts, and even a final round of re-shoots before finally making it to theaters.

However, star Josh Brolin has been with the project from the start, so when MTV News sat down with him during the "Jonah Hex" press junket, we had to ask: Is he happy with the final cut of the film?

"Extremely," said Brolin, who admitted that the film "went through a lot of manifestations of what this was going to be, especially in [post-production]."

"The more involved I get in film, you see what you get and all the footage you get when you're shooting, and once you get into the editing room you go, 'Wow, if you take this scene and put it into the beginning, and actually cut up these two scenes and inter-cut them, it's a lot more dynamic than we initially thought," he explained. "So whatever initial intentions I had in the beginning were kind of blown apart once we were shooting, and those were all reconstructed by the time we got into the editing room."

Brolin said some of the dialogue and tone received extra attention in post-production, specifically the use of humor in the film.

"There was a lot of humor I saw the opportunity for that we didn't necessarily see on the set," he said. "I always wanted those great one-liners — those Charles Bronson-esque and Clint Eastwood-esque one-liners. I'm a huge fan of those, so I wanted to bring that back as much as I could without doing any kind of copycatting."

"Once we saw the opportunity for that, we thought, 'Wow, if we did additional shooting, we could bring that out more, we could extrapolate on that more, we could exploit that more,' and I think we did," added Brolin. "So this last cut, I'm very very happy with."

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