EXCLUSIVE: 'Archie & Friends' Take On 'Twilight' In Upcoming Parody Comic

Archie & Friends: TwiliteYesterday we brought you the news that "Archie & Friends" was headed to beach for a comic poking fun at MTV's "The Jersey Shore," but today brings even more news from Riverdale. Archie, Jughead, Veronica and the rest of their gang will offer their unique take on the "Twilight" franchise in their next parody comic.

Revealed exclusively to MTV News, Archie Comics has provided the cover to the first issue of the two-part "Twilite" story that kicks off August 11. And like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" before it, the image pays tribute to the popular poster art for "Twilight: New Moon."

Will Betty and Veronica fall for the new, mysterious students at their school? Will one of the guys spend most of the story shirtless? Where does Jughead stand in the sparkling vampires debate? These are the questions that haunt my soul!

Archie & Friends: Twilite

Official solicit text:


New York, NY (June 17, 2010): Archie Comics—publisher of the must-have “Riverdale Shore” and “Battle of the BFFs”—is giving the world more outstanding shout-outs to today’s teens, and this time it’s something the world can sink its teeth into: “Twilite”! This August in ARCHIE & FRIENDS #146, the latest in a line of great comic book media parodies, Archie Comics is about to enter the thrilling world of vampires, werewolves and the mortal teens who love them!

It’s love at first bite when two new mysterious students arrive in Riverdale. Betty and Veronica are fascinated by the smoldering-hot Ivan, but Jared is warning everyone who will listen that Ivan is really a bloodsucker! Reggie jumps at the chance to help Jared expose Ivan as a vampire, but love… or maybe Ivan… is clouding Betty and Veronica’s vision! Can Archie and the others save the girls from the mysterious Ivan? Is there a greater danger lurking in the darkness?

America’s favorite comic book teens, Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest of the gang enter the world of fantasy, where supernatural beings must choose between good, evil, and most of all, love! “Twilite: Part One,” the first of a two-issue crusade for truth, love and freedom, begins with ARCHIE & FRIENDS #146 and ends with a larger-than-life conclusion in the following issue, ARCHIE & FRIENDS #147!

“Vampires and the friends and foes of their world surround us every day,” remarks Archie Comics Co-CEO, Jon Goldwater. “It has been a spectacular treat to bring them to the world of Archie, Betty and Veronica in ‘Twilite.’ I can assure you, Riverdale has never seen a romance quite like this!”

Expect more from Archie Comics; visit ArchieComics.com for more of what you love!

ARCHIE & FRIENDS #146, “Twilite: Part One” arrives at comic book stores August 11th!

And with that, the worlds of "Twilight" and "Archie & Friends" intersect — and strangely enough, the universe has not imploded.

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