'Archie & Friends' Comic To Parody 'The Jersey Shore'

Archie & FriendsNothing says "Archie & Friends" like big hair, fake tans, and... Wait, what?!

This July, Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and the rest of the Riverdale gang embark on what could possibly be one of their most surreal adventures ever with a parody of — you guessed it — MTV's "The Jersey Shore." And while it's safe to assume the hot-tub hijinks will be toned down when the famous red-head and his crew star in their own beachfront reality show, one has to wonder what sort of situation Archie will get himself into this time around.

Heck, if the cover's any indication, the gang's already got their "Riverdale Shore" hair in full effect.

Archie & friends - Jersey Shore

Oh, and over at Comics Continuum, there's an interview with writer Dan Parent about the upcoming "Riverdale Shore" issue. Here's an excerpt:

Question: On Jersey Shore they think tanning is important; is that something that Archie and the gang endorse?

Parent: In this story they do. It's important to get that perfect "orangey tan" color down!

Question: Will Archie and his friends be portrayed as Italian?

Parent: We don't refer to any nationalities in the story, just big hair, tans, and obnoxious behavior!

Yup. Sounds about right!

"Archie & Friends" #145 hits shelves in July.

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