Megan Fox Says 'Jonah Hex' Filming Was 'Difficult'

When Megan Fox was cast in "Jonah Hex" last year, speculation immediately grew into various rumors as to who she would play and how large her role would be. And when the first photos of her in costume appeared online, the internet chatter only intensified.

However, Fox later revealed that her role in "Jonah Hex' was only a cameo appearance. While her time on the set was relatively brief, Fox told MTV News that it was an intense shoot.

"I only worked on ['Jonah Hex'] for five days in Louisiana," said Fox. "And we would shoot all day. So we worked really hard for those five days and then they wrapped. It was definitely an intense process for sure, to cram all of that into such a short amount of time."

"It was difficult," added Fox. "[But] it's not the most difficult thing I've done or survived."

Although vengeance is one of the major themes of "Jonah Hex," Fox adamantly stated that she is not a vengeful person like Jonah or even Lilah herself.

"I try to live with the idea that karma is a very real thing," explained Fox. "So I put out what I want to get back."

"Jonah Hex" rides into theaters this Friday, June 20.

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