'Bronson' Filmmaker Campaigns To Make 'Wonder Woman' Film

Wonder WomanDC Entertainment's plans are becoming clearer with the hiring of writers on "Green Lantern 2" and "The Flash," but there's still no news on a "Wonder Woman" adaptation. However, there's at least one director in the movie industry dying to take a crack at the popular female hero — Nicolas Winding Refn.

The "Bronson" filmmaker made his desire to direct a "Wonder Woman" movie quite clear in a recent interview with Movieline, saying: "'Wonder Woman,' I really want to make. That, I’m hoping, will be my $200 million extravaganza — if I even get close to it."

Refn explained that his take on "Wonder Woman" would explore a central question: "What if women were more powerful than men? What would the world be like? That's a subliminal theme."

"Where Wonder Woman on one hand is a great female character who can be included in many great fight scenes, she doesn’t have great villains against her," he continued. "OK, so you create some. She doesn’t have a Joker or those classic Batman kinds of guys. But she does have her whole world that she comes from, which is fascinating. The whole idea of a woman who is basically more powerful than any man — and who will always be that, and comes from a society of women who are more powerful than men — is an interesting theme that I think can be very contemporary."

Refn clarified his comments on creating a new villain for Wonder Woman, saying that the antagonist doesn't necessarily need to be female. "They tried in 'Catwoman,' with not particularly good results," he said. "The trick with Wonder Woman is to find that antagonist who worked so well in the 'Batman' concept — his villains are equally if not more exciting than Batman himself. Here, it’s basically coming up with who would be a great counterpart to Wonder Woman. Is it her mother who’s the real enemy? Something that’s biblical in a sense."

This is all just conjecture, of course, as Refn has not "heard from DC [Comics]" about the possibility of directing "Wonder Woman."

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