'The A-Team' Actress Jessica Biel Wants To Invent Her Own Superhero

Jessica Biel kicked plenty of butt and took several names as Abigail Whistler in "Blade Trinity," her only comic book role to date. But while her name has been mentioned in connection to other superhero properties in the past — most notably Wonder Woman — Biel hasn't been thinking too much about getting into the superhero game as of late.

"Honestly, I haven't really thought much about it," the "A-Team" actress told MTV News. "Maybe if the right character and the right story [came along], I would obviously consider it, of course. But they're hard to make. You really have to have a vision to do it in a way that honors the comic and original character but also doesn't get cheesy. All of the elements would have to fall into place for me."

So, what elements would have to fall into place for Biel to consider a comic book role? She offered up one unique idea — playing a brand new superhero.

"I'd almost say, can we create somebody new," she suggested. "That would be cool!"

Biel spoke about the type of superhero she would invent if given the chance, revealing that she wouldn't want a cape "because capes get stuck in things, like propellers — that's when you'd have problems." Thinking of herself as more of a practical thinker, Biel said that her superhero would be able to fly, go invisible and have "Go-Go Gadget arms."

Don't worry — Biel isn't suggesting a gender-reversed version of Inspector Gadget. "I didn't say [she'd have a] propeller hat, I said she can fly," she laughed. But Biel's interest in developing her own character stems from the fact that she lacks a personal connection to previously established superheroes.

"I wasn't into comic books as a kid and I don't really have this great affectation for any one character," she said. "Of course I know Wonder Woman and I know all these awesome women, but I didn't grow up with them."

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