New 'Men In Black 3' Teaser: Will Smith Will Make 3-D Look Good, New Screenwriter Hired

Men In Black 3-DThings seem to be moving along quickly with "Men In Black 3-D," with high-profile casting locked down and much of the cast and crew returning for another round with Agent J, Agent K and their alien-wrangling cohorts.

"Men in Black" studio Sony has even filmed a new teaser for the upcoming film, confirming that it will indeed be a 3-D project, and that will Smith is going to make it look good in all three dimensions.

The teaser was posted over at Sony Insider, and includes a report that the third film was originally based on a script by "Tropic Thunder" writer Etan Cohen, but is being rewritten by David Koepp. The film's plot will reportedly be set in the year 1969 for much of the film.

The report also indicates that while smith is official for the film, Tommy Lee Jones is still in advanced negotiations to return, and Josh Brolin remains "in talks" to play a younger version of Jones' character, Agent K. Additionally, Sacha Baron Cohen will play a character named Boris in the film.

The 3-D teaser below premiered at a Sony 3D TV launch event at Sony Pictures Studios.

"I know what you're thinking — 'M.I.B., 3-D, we're going to be blowing stuff up and all that," Smith tells the audience in the teaser. "But that's not really what we're doing right now. We're here for one purpose, and for one purpose only: just to let you know that I'm about to make 3d look good."

"Men in Black 3-D" will hit theaters May 25, 2012.

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