Edgar Wright On The 'Scott Pilgrim' Test-Screening Process And Final Cut

Last weekend we gave you a brand new, exclusive clip from "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World," but we're still a few months away from Edgar Wright's adaptation of the hit comic book series hitting theaters.

So, where is everything at with "Scott Pilgrim"? MTV News got the scoop straight from Wright about the status of the much-anticipated film.

"We've shown it a bunch of times and you go through that test-screening process, which is really interesting," he explained. "We've done four of those now and we keep tweaking based on that."

"It's a good thing to do because you see where the laughs are and where you can change things by half a second to get a bigger laugh," he added. "All that stuff is a bit of a joke laboratory just to tweak things, whether it's music and sound or just the editing, just to try different stuff out."

If early reports from the aforementioned test screenings are any indication, Wright probably doesn't have much room for improvement — and he says they're now settling on a final cut of the film.

"It's been really good doing that," he said of the test process. "That's been going on about five months and now we have a version that we're very happy with."

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