New Image From 'The Walking Dead' TV Series Released

The Walking DeadWe're months away from the premiere of "The Walking Dead" television series on AMC, but images from Frank Darabont's adaptation of the celebrated comic book series are starting to find their way online.

We received another look at some of the project's stars today — the undead, that is — in the form of a new image of one of the series' zombies. While we have yet to see any shots of the film's cast in costume, the latest zombie (and her predecessors) don't seem to be shying away from the makeup and gore, which probably means good things for anyone worried about the story being softened by the network.

Production just kicked off on the series last week, and by the look of things, the zombie apocalypse is well underway.

The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead" premieres in October on AMC.

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