'Thor' Footage Reveals Anthony Hopkins As Odin, Confirms Chris Hemsworth's Costume

ThorFans have already seen the first official photo and alleged concept art from Marvel Studios' upcoming "Thor." Now, the first bit of official footage from the film has arrived as well.

Entertainment Tonight has posted a video from their visit to the "Thor" set in New Mexico. The video reveals several new aspects about the film, including our first look at Anthony Hopkins as Odin (we've posted a screenshot below). Like Chris Hemsworth's lead character, Hopkins sports a flowing red cape and a prominent beard as Odin — but a major difference comes in the form of a metal eye patch worn over his right eye.

The video also seemingly confirms the authenticity of the concept art that began circulating last week — but don't expect that armor to be Thor's only outfit in the film, as several other behind-the-scenes shots revealed the God of Thunder wearing flannel shirts and other forms of civilian attire.

Hemsworth's impressive physique is a major emphasis of the video, with co-star Natalie Portman describing herself as a "midget" when compared to the Australian actor. Director Kenneth Branagh praised Hemsworth's dedication to the role, saying he truly rose to the challenge of getting himself in Thor's peak physical condition.

"He took seriously the challenge that had to be taken on by whoever was going to play Thor to find this combination we wanted of a sort of Herculean strength, and gosh, he's strong," said Branagh. "We've had him doing all sorts of physical feats on it. Some of it's practical — lifting people up, lifting two people up, and doing it for a long time over the course of a day. I sort of said, 'Oh, you've got to get your shirt off. Do you mind?' And he said, 'Do I mind? I spent six months getting into shape for this! No, I don't mind!'"



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