SECRET IDENTITY: Comic Book Roles For The 'True Blood' Cast

There are many connections between the cast of "True Blood" and the comic book world — Anna Paquin played Rogue in "X-Men," Alexander Skargård was a "Thor" contender and the whole gang is getting grouped together in a new comic book series from IDW Publishing.

But there are still plenty of untapped opportunities for the "True Blood" actors to sink their fangs into comic book and superhero properties even further. After the jump, check out five cast members from the hit HBO series (returning this Sunday at 9:00 PM EST) who are well-suited for certain comic book adaptations.

Alexander Skarsgård: What's worse — the fact that Alexander Skarsgård missed out on starring in "Thor," or the fact that his father landed a role instead? Regardless, Skarsgård still has potential to star in a superhero project. I'd love to see him as Aquaman, for instance. The DC Comics hero isn't the easiest character to adapt, but Skarsgård brings the perfect combination of physicality and the dramatic chops to bring Arthur Curry out from under the sea and onto the big screen.

Chris Bauer: I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: Chris Bauer would be a fantastic Ben "The Thing" Grimm in a "Fantastic Four" reboot. He's absolutely hilarious as Detective Andy Bellefleur on "True Blood," but his role as Frank Sobotka on "The Wire" seals the deal that Bauer is capable of a truly moving performance. It certainly doesn't hurt that he has the size and shape for Grimm, too. Whenever Fox gets around to relaunching the "Fantastic Four" franchise, here's hoping that Bauer gets the call.

Deborah Ann Woll: Although Bryce Dallas Howard has long been linked to the role of Dara Brighton in "The Sword," I think Deborah Ann Woll would be fantastic as well. She demonstrates an impressive ability to oscillate between sweet and sympathetic to ruthless and vengeful week in and out on "True Blood." She's close to the sword-wielding heroine in age, she looks the part, and she has all of the acting ability required to play a role as complicated as Dara.

Ryan Kwanten: I still think Ryan Kwanten would make for a fantastic Human Torch alongside Bauer as The Thing, but I also think he's capable of roles beyond the arrogant clown type — if you watch interviews with Kwanten, you'll see just how different he is from his goofball "True Blood" character, Jason Stackhouse. I think he would be an ideal choice for Jesse Custer in "Preacher," sporting the exact right age and look for the former man of god armed with the word of god. With dyed black hair and a cleanse of his goofy Jason persona, Kwanten would be perfect for the role.

Stephen Moyer: The erstwhile Vampire Bill Compton is already diving into the comic book world with a co-starring role in the "Priest" adaptation, but I would love to see what Stephen Moyer could do as a superhero. As Bill, Moyer frequently drifts between gentleman and monster — a dichotomy that's very much present within Hank Pym. As a lesser known actor, he wouldn't overshadow his "Avengers" co-stars, but it would be a great way to prepare the talented Moyer for an "Ant-Man" adaptation.

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