'The Green Hornet' Trailer To Debut This Month

Seth RogenWe've read plenty of news items and seen various set photographs of the Seth Rogen-starring "Green Hornet" film, but we've yet to see any official footage. That's about to change in a couple of weeks, however, when Rogen himself appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

According to IGN, Rogen will appear as a special guest on Jimmy Kimmel's late night talk show on June 21 to debut the world premiere of the first trailer for "The Green Hornet," the 3-D comic book adaptation directed by Michel Gondry.

The road to bring "The Green Hornet" to the big screen has been an interesting and occasionally complicated one. Seth Rogen has long been attached to the title role, with martial arts expert, actor and filmmaker Stephen Chow originally attached to play Kato and direct the film. He ultimately left the picture, first abandoning his role as director and later dropping out as Kato. The roles were eventually filled by Gondry as director and Jay Chou as Kato.

Chow wasn't the only actor to flee "Green Hornet," as Nicolas Cage was briefly attached to star in the film as the main villain. After he left the cast, "Inglourious Basterds" star Christoph Waltz took over the role.

The film — now slated for a January 14, 2011 release date after suffering through numerous delays — features a wealth of talented co-stars including Cameron Diaz, Edward James Olmos and Tom Wilkinson.

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