'Captain America' And 'Thor' Movie Logos Debut At Licensing Expo

ThorWe've already seen images of what could be the costumes for Captain America and Thor in their respective upcoming movies, and now it looks like some logos for each project have also hit the 'Net, courtesy of this week's Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

Over at ComicBookMovie.com, they've posted photos from the show floor of two posters advertising the Marvel movies for potential licensing deals. And while the validity of the costume shots I mentioned earlier is still questionable, these logos certainly seem to be the real deal.

At first glance, there's nothing too surprising about the "Captain America: The First Avenger" logo, but fans will likely have some opinions on the "Thor" logo and its magical, starry background. It's worth noting that there's also an "Avengers Assemble" tag on the lower-right of each logo.

Captain America

It's also worth pointing out that the logos seem to have changed dramatically from the versions that debuted during last year's Brand Licensing Expo in London.

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