'Fantastic Four' Reboot Title Revealed?

Fantastic FourIt looks like the Fantastic Four could be "Reborn" for the big-screen reboot of Marvel's superhero family.

A report on Ain't It Cool News indicates that "Fantastic Four: Reborn" could be the working title for the upcoming 20th Century Fox film intended to kick-start the live-action franchise that stalled after 2007's "Rise of the Silver Surfer." According to the report, the film will be a "complete reboot" of the franchise, likely to re-introduce super-powered heroes Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm to audiences.

A quick search of web domain registrants would seem to confirm that "Reborn" is one of the titles being considered, as "fantasticfourreborn.com" is registered to the Intellectual Property Department of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Before you celebrate (or complain), however, it's worth noting that studios often consider — and stake their online claim on — various working titles for projects before making a final decision.

Still, the potential title offers some food for thought for comic fans. While DC has found success with the "Rebirth" tagline on comics that effectively rebooted (or rather, raised from the dead) characters like Flash and Green Lantern, Marvel Comics' history with the "Reborn" tagline isn't looked upon kindly by many fans.

During the mid-'90s, Marvel rebooted many of its most popular superheroes' adventures with the "Heroes Reborn" line that reinterpreted high-profile characters like Captain America and Fantastic Four. Though the titles sold well at the time, fans eventually pressured the publisher to return the characters to their previous status quo and histories in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

More recently, however, "Captain America: Reborn" featured the return of Steve Rogers, who had been believed dead by much of the Marvel Universe for the last few years. The series was received well by fans and critics alike — so maybe the "Reborn" banner isn't so bad after all.

Of course, it's still uncertain whether Fox will lay claim to the "Reborn" tag for its own stable of Marvel properties at this point, but the possibility certainly poses some interesting questions, doesn't it?

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