More 'Scott Pilgrim' Video Game Images And Info Hit The 'Net!

Scott PilgrimWe first told you about the upcoming "Scott Pilgrim" video game way back in August 2009, and it's hard to believe the wait is almost over for the retro-tastic, interactive journey through Scott Pilgrim's universe.

Over at GameInformer, they've posted four new images from the game, as well as a hands-on review of the game, which will be available as a downloadable Playstation Network exclusive this August — right in time for the film's release. (Don't worry, Xbox Nation, it will be available on the 360 at some point, too — though I'm so happy I own a PS3 right now.)

The images offer a great look at the visual tone of the game, which is appropriately old-school in both graphics and gameplay style. According to the report, the four-player brawler doesn't feature online play, but it does give you control of Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Kim Pine, or Stephen Stills. Publisher Ubisoft hinted at some unlockable characters down the road, too.

Scott Pilgrim

From the images and accompanying review, it's pretty clear that Ubisoft stressed the importance of original source material for the game, as the narrative seems to follow the books rather than Edgar Wright's film — but anyone who's seen the latest "Scott Pilgrim" movie footage will likely agree that they all seem to occupy the same, all-kinds-of-awesome universe.

Oh, and over on Multiplayer, editor Russ Frushtick (who's probably the biggest "Scott Pilgrim" fan in MTV HQ) has posted some thoughts on why the game's creators went to the right person when it came time to give Scott Pilgrim the game he deserved, and where you can find some other projects by the designer. Check it out — you won't be disappointed.

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