TWITTER REPORT: J-Lo, The World Cup, And Retailer Power Over Marvel

Marvel iPad appJ-Lo made headlines during her MTV Movie Awards appearance Sunday, but she could find herself in a comic book as well. An accident on an airplane may have forever altered the course of a script Jeff Parker was working on if his tweets are to be believed.

You can definitely believe the sincerity behind Scott Kutz and Bill Amend's opinions in a discussion right now about who Marvel will be hurting and/or helping with their decision to release "Invincible Iron Man Annual" #1 simultaneously via digital and brick-and-mortar channels. Decide where you stand after the jump. There, you can also find out who's watching the World Cup, how Eric Powell feels about drawing some new Goon action, and what Kevin Smith thinks of "True Blood" Season 2.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and everything that's important is in the Twitter Report for June 8, 2010.

@ThatKevinSmith Spent all day watching TRUE BLOOD season 2. F--- the wimpires: I'm on TEAM ERIC. #IdDropForTheVikingIfForcedToAtGunpointOrIfIWasREALLYStoned

-Kevin Smith, Writer ("Green Hornet," "Batman: Cacophony")

@jeffparker The turbulence made me fumble-type JLO into my script. I wonder if that was a sign. #theresmagicupinthisbitch

-Jeff Parker, Writer ("Agents of Atlas," "Underground")

@SteveNiles I bought a Madball to keep me company on tour.

-Steve Niles, Writer ("30 Days of Night," "Criminal Macabre")

@goonguy I'm so ready to start drawing some Goon again. It will be crazier than ever.

-Eric Powell, Writer/Artist ("The Goon," "Action Comics")

Retailers and Marvel pt. 1: @pvponline Why Marvel shouldn't care about what retailers think.

-Scott Kurtz, Writer/Artist ("PvP")

Retailers and Marvel pt. 2: @billamend @pvponline Retailers still hold the cards with publishers. This may change, but it's early in the game.

-Bill Amend, Writer/Artist ("FoxTrot")

@ToddNauck Heroes Con. Namor

-Todd Nauck, Writer/Artist ("Teen Titans," "Wildguard")

@jimlee00 Watchin the WorldCup finals in Pasadena,as Brazil beats Italy in PenaltyKicks.Lacklustr game but excitin 2see USA start 2gain more intl attn

-Jim Lee, Artist ("Batman," "X-Men")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@karlkerschl How did Growing Pains get away with naming a regular character 'Boner' on national television in the 1980s?

-Karl Kerschl, Writer/Artist ("Teen Titans: Year One," "The Abominable Charles Christopher")

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