Jackson Rathbone's Seen 'The Last Airbender' In 2-D, Is 'Really Excited' For 3-D Version

If you're following along at home, you know that we brought you some new footage from "The Last Airbender" this weekend during the MTV Movie Awards.

We know fans of the original Nickelodeon cartoon series are eagerly anticipating M. Night Shyamalan's big-screen adaptation, so when we had a chance to chat backstage with actor Jackson Rathbone (who plays teenage warrior Sokka in the film), we made sure to get some comments from him about where the project stands.

"I've seen 'The Last Airbender' in 2-D," Rathbone told MTV News. "I haven't seen it in 3-D yet. I'm really excited, though, [because] the movie looks amazing just with the old-school cinema version."

"I'm excited to see how it looks once it's all three-dimensionalized," he laughed.

"The Last Airbender" hits theaters July 2, 2010. Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!