New 'Torchwood' TV Series To Debut In U.S., John Barrowman Will Return

TorchwoodIt was exciting enough for us “Doctor Who” fans here on Splash Page (and there are several, let me assure you) that the successful spin-off series “Torchwood” was getting its own comic book, but now we can breath easy (and jump for joy) that “Torchwood” will be continuing on television, too.

Starz Entertainment has acquired the rights to debut the next 10-episode installment of the hit show right here in the United States — and yes, Captain Jack Harkness is on board. (You can't hear it, but I'm whistling suggestively right now.)

Previous reports had the Fox network interested in picking up the show, but they passed just two months ago.

“’Torchwood' has attracted remarkable attention and loyalty in both the UK and U.S.,” said Jane Tranter, Executive VP, BBC Worldwide Productions in the official announcement, “and in this new partnership with Starz the next chapter will not only reward our current fans, but also introduce new viewers to the most impressive installment yet."

Cast members John Barrowman (Captain Jack) and Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper) will star along with new cast members to be announced soon. Executive Producers Russel T. Davies and Julie Gardner will also be returning and the series will still be produced by BBC Worldwide, debuting in the U.S. and the United Kingdom summer of 2011.

"We have a long history of working with many U.S. networks, but it is incredibly exciting to be working with Starz for the first time, as well as to be reunited with the best of British in Russell, Jane and Julie,” said Ben Stephenson of BBC Drama Commissioning.

Fans may remember that following the events of “Children of Earth,” there wasn’t much left of Torchwood headquarters in Cardiff, Wales, so how will the team and the show evolve?

“'Torchwood' will burst back onto the screen with a shocking and moving story with global stakes and locations that will make it feel bigger and bolder than ever,” said Stephenson.

Previously, “Torchwood” was only viewable in the U.S. on BBC America.

On the positive side, it seems my fears of an Americanized “Torchwood” are all but gone as a sort of Torchwood International takes it’s place. I can dig it, but is the world really ready for Captain Jack?

What do you think of the U.S. getting new “Torchwood” before the Brits? What do you think of the new direction the show is taking? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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