'Flash' Sprints Towards A Green Light, 'Wonder Woman' & 'Aquaman' Movies Planned

The FlashComic book fans, stretch those muscles and get ready for the race — "The Flash" is close to ready for his first big screen marathon.

Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Barry Meyer told shareholders during a presentation that "The Flash," based on the DC Comics character dubbed as "the fastest man alive," is close to receiving a green light from the film studio. While screenwriters and directors have yet to be announced, Meyer's words indicate that the first cinematic adventure of Barry Allen — or, possibly, Wally West — is getting closer to an official announcement.

But "The Flash" isn't the only comic book project that Meyer confirmed as in development.

According to the executive, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are also hard at work on bringing "Aquaman" and "Wonder Woman" to the big screen. "Entourage" fans will be disappointed to hear that James Cameron probably won't help bring Arthur Curry to the big screen, just as Joss Whedon is almost certainly uninvolved in "Wonder Woman" considering his attachment to "The Avengers" for Marvel Studios.

As "Wonder Woman" and "Aquaman" are both further away from the green light than "The Flash," it could still take some time before any announcements are official on either project.

One film that might have some substantial news soon is the next "Superman" installment, which Meyer said is looking at a December 2012 release date. With the third "Batman" film headed to theaters just a few months before that, news on the "Superman" front would need to come soon.

In addition to these superhero projects, Meyer confirmed that Warner Bros. is eyeing a film starring some "Mad Magazine" characters.

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