'Spider-Man' Casting Down To 5 Actors?

Spider-Man castingMarc Webb's "Spider-Man" movie may have a writer in Alvin Sargent, but he and Columbia Pictures still haven't settled on their lead actor to portray Peter Parker. If an anonymous source speaking to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog speaks the truth, Jamie Bell, Alden Ehrenreich, Frank Dillane, Andrew Garfield and Josh Hutcherson are the final five actors in line for the part.

Hutcherson has been mentioned as a candidate before, but a few names among his competition come as surprises. Garfield in particular would have to play down from his age significantly to attend high school as Peter Parker, considering he clocks in at 27 years old. Hutcherson rounds off the lower end of the age spectrum in the bunch at 17 going on 18.

Part of Mark Bagley's charm as an artist in "Ultimate Spider-Man" was rendering a Peter Parker who looked far younger than comics readers had previously seen. His visuals and writer Brian Michael Bendis' impassioned snark set the tone for the massively successful series, which Webb claims as a favorite, and if Columbia wants to replicate that appeal on a worldwide theatrical scale, they'll need to cast an anti-Tobey Maguire who makes filmgoers feel the shift back to Parker's youth.

Hutcherson and Dillane are the two of these five most likely to inspire such a reaction, but Hollywood notoriously likes to cast older when they populate high schools. Personally, I'm hoping they stick with what worked in the comics, and keep this film as true to Bendis' take as the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire years were to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Which of the rumored final five candidates do you want to see get the role of Peter Parker? Do you have a favorite pick who didn't wind up on the list? Sound off in the comment section below, or talk to us on Twitter!