Felicia Day Talks Comics And Joss Whedon's Qualifications For 'The Avengers'

It seems appropriate I wrap up a trilogy of Felica Day interviews the same day the third and final issue of her comic book, “The Guild,” hits stores. From Dark Horse Comics, the mini-series is based on her hugely popular web series and shows us something we never saw on the show – how the guild met.

Now that all three issues have been released, we discuss her experience writing comics for the first time, her past and future in the genre and what she thinks about her friend Joss Whedon directing “The Avengers,” including her possible role in the film.

Day says so far, the response to “The Guild” comic has been huge. “Actually it has been selling out many, many, many places,” she said. “I’ve gotten so many messages about people, ‘This is the first comic book I’ve ever bought.’ So that’s actually one of the most gratifying things.”

“Then when somebody who’s a real pro comic person, a friend of mine, emails and says, ‘Hey, you did really good on the comic,’ I kind of get relieved,” she said, “because I feel like comic people are the most critical of any of the geek culture. So if I can pass their test – because I don’t think they cut me any slack – it makes me really happy.

She’s read the “great graphic novels” but Day said comic books weren’t something she was necessarily familiar with. “I’m certainly more of a novel reader, like I’ll read two, three fantasy novels in a week. I kind of consume paperbacks and now e-books obsessively.”

That just meant she had to do lots of research before writing, “Which I love because I get to tax deduct comic books, what’s the matter with that?”

"In the comic book form, I quickly learned that you don't have any limitations as far as where you go," she told MTV News prior to release of the first issue. "Location is the easiest thing, but the limitations on how much dialogue you can put into each panel and the idea of visual storytelling was pretty challenging for me to wrap my head around.”

“The Guild” comic does allow for far more than the tight-budget web series ever could. Not only does Cyd travel outside her home in the issues, you get to see actual in-game events with the characters.

Day’s frequent boss and friend Joss Whedon is rumored to be taking on the lofty directors chair for Marvel’s “The Avengers” film. She thinks the pairing is “amazing.”

“I mean, nobody else knows comics better than Joss,” she said, “He loves them with a passion and to throw that many comic book characters in a movie? I don’t know who else could handle it.”

Day has taken on a variety of roles for Whedon through the years, from potential slayer to the love interest of a supervillain hopeful. Even though we don’t know which female characters they’ll use in the film, could Avengers team member be next?

Day said “of course” she’d be in the movie if Whedon asked her but was reserved at the same time. “I’m sort of more the indie side,” she said.

Like “The Guild,” Whedon’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” have both been made into comics. Now that she’s got her feet wet would Day be open to writing an issue of either one or even producing a cross-over?

“Oh wow, those are all good ideas,” she said. “Yeah, I would be open to it definitely. People seem to be responding to [the comic] a lot so if it ends up that it did really well and people enjoyed it then I certainly would consider doing more in the future.”

Have you been picking up “The Guild” comic? Should Felicia Day write more comics? Who do you think she could play in “The Avengers?” Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!