John Malkovich Says His 'Jonah Hex' Character Won't Have Supernatural Powers

John MalkovichIn just under a month, director Jimmy Hayward's adaptation of "Jonah Hex" will hit theaters with Josh Brolin in the title role and John Malkovich as his nemesis, Quentin Turnbull.

And while the recently released trailer suggests that Hex will have supernatural abilities within the film, Malkovich recently confirmed that his character will remain relatively grounded in his quest for vengeance.

"[Turnbull] feels [that] Jonah has caused his son to be killed in a way, so there’s a big sort of revenge factor there," said Malkovich during an interview with Comic Book Resources. "My character’s not so much involved with [the supernatural]. Maybe a tiny bit. At a point in the story, Hex has kind of aberrations, and I appear very briefly as one of those, and we sort of work that out together. It wasn’t really quite what’s in the script."

Malkovich also revealed how Josh Brolin recruited him to star in the film.

"[Brolin] sent me the script and I read it... and I met with him when I was out in California and it seemed a thing to do that I thought might make an [interesting] film and might have some success," related Malkovich. "And [Brolin] told me he met Jimmy [Hayward], and he really liked him and his take on it. Then I met Jimmy out in California on another trip and said, 'Yeah, great.'”

"And with Jimmy, [he's] not a control freak, which obviously some [directors] are in a rather concerning way," continued Malkovich. "I think Jimmy’s quite collaborative, so on this I certainly feel more than welcome to offer a suggestion or ask a question."

"And yes, I probably prefer working that way, but I don’t have to," added Malkovich. "[Jimmy's] pretty open, I’d say. I think he responds to things. He seems quite instinctive, so he responds to the way something makes him feel in the frame and that’s good. And if he wants more, he asks for more. If he wants less, he asks for less."

"Jonah Hex" rides into theaters on June 18.

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