SECRET IDENTITY: Casting The Members Of 'Dynamo 5'

Earlier this year, I talked about how fun it would be to see a "Dynamo 5" movie come to the big screen. For the uninitiated, Jay Faerber and Mahmud Asrar's Image series tells the story of a group of five estranged siblings coming together as heroes under the tutelage of their super-father's bitter widow to form the titular Dynamo 5. It's easily one of the most compelling reads on comic book stands today and would undoubtedly make for a dynamite movie. (See what I did there?)

That said, casting a "Dynamo 5" is no easy feat. With such a young cast, the majority of the players in a "Dynamo 5" adaptation aren't likely to have big name recognition. Still, there are plenty of actors working today that could fulfill the main roles of "Dynamo 5" with ease.

After the jump, check out my picks for who could star in a "Dynamo 5" adaptation!

Kellan Lutz as Gage Reinhart (Scatterbrain / Ramjet)

The "Twilight" star has already tried his luck at a comic book adaptation with "Conan," but ultimately lost out to Jason Mamoa for the role. But Kellan Lutz, still quite young at 25, could easily give comics another shot as the headstrong Gage Reinhart. A high school jock with plenty of attitude and brawn to back it up, Gage is hardly a stretch for an actor of Lutz's caliber.

Jessica Stroup as Bridget Flynn (Scrap / Supervision)

The CW's reinvented "90210" features a talented cast of young actors, but few are as alluring as Jessica Stroup. Already used to playing someone on the fringe of social circles, Stroup strikes me as an ideal candidate for Bridget Flynn, the super-strong woman with the heart of an artist. It certainly doesn't hurt that she's a physical match for the role — aside from the chin stud, that is!

Bee Vang as Hector Chang (Visionary / Smasher)

In "Gran Torino," young Bee Vang proved that he had the talent to go up against the intimidating likes of Clint Eastwood. As a result, going up against a bunch of similarly aged actors as Hector Chang should be a piece of cake! At 18 years old, Vang is close enough to Chang's young age to pull off the innocence of the role, but there's also an edge to the actor that suits the budding superhero quite well.

Jasika Nicole as Olivia "Livvie" Lewis (Slingshot / Menagerie)

If I have one complaint about "Fringe" — and believe me, I have very few — it's that Jasika Nicole is severely underused as Astrid Farnsworth. That's changed in recent episodes, but I still think Nicole deserves that big breakout role. Olivia "Livvie" Lewis could do the trick. Nicole is a dead ringer for the character and has all of the charisma to fly into battle at the head of the Dynamo 5 pack — she just needs the opportunity to prove it on the big screen!

Anthony Mackie as Spencer Bridges (Myriad / Wraith)

Jeremy Renner has received the majority of attention for his performance in "The Hurt Locker," but I was equally enthralled by Anthony Mackie's performance as by-the-book Sergeant Sanborn. The actor has a take-no-nonsense toughness to him that would work wonders with a character like Spencer Bridges, the street tough member of Dynamo 5. Even though Mackie is slightly older than Spencer, he looks young enough to fit the part.

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