ADAPT THIS: 'Jersey Gods' By Glen Brunswick & Dan McDaid

Jersey GodsTHE STORY: "Jersey Gods" by Glen Brunswick (W) and Dan McDaid (A) — Image Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Zoe is a typical New Jersey girl working in journalism with an eye for fashion. Barock is a chiseled-out-of-marble God and legendary war hero from the world of Neboron.

When fate brings the two of them together, Zoe and Barock embark on a romantic epic that spans the globe, travels all the way through to the stars and goes against all the odds.

WHY IT WORKS: At its core, "Jersey Gods" is a brilliantly told love story of the unlikely romance between an earth girl and a God. Built around that central premise is a world filled with high octane action, violence and Jack Kirby-inspired concepts that takes readers to the far reaches of the universe. Barock and Zoe are compelling enough on their own, but the surrounding characters are equally well written. Truly, "Jersey Gods" has something to offer for everyone.

WHY IT DOESN'T: The one major drawback with a "Jersey Gods" adaptation is the budget. Without a significant source of funding, the major action set pieces and intergalactic settings would be hard to pull off with any degree of realism. Because "Jersey Gods" isn't quite a household name amongst comic book readers, justifying such a budget for a relatively unknown property might be tough.

HOW TO DO IT: One way to preserve the scale and scope of "Jersey Gods" without ringing up the budget is pursuing the story as an animated film. Such a movie would benefit from the awesome visuals crafted by artist Dan McDaid. Still, a live-action "Jersey Gods" has incredible potential to light up the box office if marketed correctly — there's something in here for every type of moviegoer from action fans to romantic comedy enthusiasts. If investors are willing to make a serious dollar commitment, a big budget "Jersey Gods" would yield a romantic action story the likes of which have never been seen before on the big screen.

FINAL WORD: Sadly, "Jersey Gods" ends its comic book run today with issue #12. But that doesn't mean the story of Barock, Zoe and their friends has to end. By bringing "Jersey Gods" into another medium — be it animated or live-action — there's no telling where this divine tale could go.

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